29 July 2010

R.I.P. Canon

My camera broke. Like doesn't-take-pictures-anymore broke.

So, I have some catching up to do on the 30 for 30 posting.
But, in the mean time, here is a recap of #s 1-9! 

I've managed to save the pictures from outfits 10 and 11 from the canon...
And I'm technically on outfit # 14 including today's... 
so I'm going to have to re-wear those outfits to capture them for everyone to see. 

In my opinion....
The most comfortable were 3 & 5. 
But, my favorites were 6 & 9. 

Which one is your favorite?? 
Would you wear any of these?


  1. 8 and 6 are super cute!

  2. You have such lovely pieces! I really like the top in 2!

  3. My Favorite has to be 5 & 6! Super comfy & stylish :]