19 July 2010

I love heart sunglasses.

Not to long ago, my friend Kim and I made a quick stop at the thrift store. 
Among the many finds I bought, were these sunglasses. 

I remember as a kid I would wear star and heart sunglasses in neon colors. 
Maybe my Mom still has a pic of it?! 

I found adult size ones! 
They are ridiculous and fantastic!

Today will be the first day I venture out in public with these on... 
I think they are sort of fabulous!
It is another hot day here in Japan. 
Good news? The rainy season ended 2 days ago! 
Bad News? Summer has now started. 
Bring on the humidity! 
This skirt is super comfortable, I bought it last year at Forever 21 in Harajuku and it is made of the winderbreaker fabric. Which means this can be dressed up super easy as well! 

[If you want to see close ups, just click on the pics to see more detail!]
I'm wearing the same flip-flops I've worn with past outfits. 
Jessica Simpson: $10. 
They happen to be the only pair of sandals I decided to include in the 30 for 30 challenge. 
Note to self: It's summer, include more sandals!!! 
(Special Note: This is another outfit under $30!!)
That necklace was 50cents on a random stop at Rue 21 a few years ago! 
And I couldn't get a good pic of my earrings, but they are the same ones from this outfit.

I feel worn down. 
My sleep schedule is off. 
My eating habits have gone awry.
I'm bogged down with homework. 
& I'm playing travel agent for the trip to NY with my students. 

All this organizing and coordinating keeps me up at night going over all the possible mishaps and difficulties we could have on the trip in October. To be honest, I'm actually a decent trip coordinator and I love arranging trips!! It's challenging and sometimes trying on my patience, but I know that this trip with be such a wonderful opportunity to share my American life with my Japanese family. 

So, I keep on going. 
Do you ever wish humans could run on batteries after the regular supply of energy runs dry?!
For now, my lattes will have to do!

How do you feel about these sunglasses? 
Would you rock them? 
Or are they just plain ridiculous... 


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those sunglasses!!!

  2. I love those sunglasses! I want a pair.

  3. Love the outfit very very cute. High waisted skirts look great on you!!! Also those sunglasses are adorable!

  4. Love the sunglasses! Heart shapes are so fun! Also love that necklace! Looks vintage. Hope your having fun on the 30 for 30!

    Daisy Dayz Home

  5. I would totally rock those sunglasses...cute skirt and I love the braid!