07 July 2010

Brothers in Japan

We are really enjoying our time together. We have been busy touring Japan and trying to give them the best experience possible.But, it's not over yet... we still have 6 days left of their trip!!! 

We started their trip off in downtown Tokyo. We saw the Imperial Palace, Meiji Shrine, and Tokyo Tower. They used chopsticks for an entire meal and ate raw fish for the first time. We sweated our way around the sights and ducked into stores and museums to use their air conditioning.. 

Then we took the bullet train down to Hiroshima where we saw Hiroshima Castle, the Atomic Bomb Dome, The Peace Park and Museum, and Miyajima Island! 
It rained the entire time we were there... but we enjoyed seeing all the amazing sights in Hiroshima!

When we came back we had a day to rest before we escaped the Japan humidity. We stayed two days in the mountains at my Japanese mother's second house. Here we went fishing, relaxed, tried raw horse meat, played a noodle game, celebrated the Tanabata festival, and went to Fujikyu Highland Amusement Park.

Then last night we settled down for a delicious meal with my English Class and enjoyed some traditional Japanese food. 

Wheeww! We are exhausted. This upcoming week we will be going to a Japanese baseball game, driving to the Big Buddha, and enjoying some family time at the batting cages, bowling, and cooking on the grill. 

It really has been so much fun! I've thoroughly enjoyed having them here. It is wonderful when you can share your experience in a foreign country with people you love. But today is a down day. We will recharge the batteries...do some much needed laundry....and re-lax!
We took so many pictures. These are just a few highlights from their trip so far. 
I'll be blogging again about their trip and include some really fabulous pictures!! 


  1. Japan?! I am jealous. Love the pictures!

  2. How great that you are able to share your Japanese home with them! Looks like you are having a great time. :)

  3. You look so happy to have them there. Enjoy the rest of your time together!