23 July 2010

Another Hot Day!

As the heat drags on in Japan, my excitement and creativity is melting away. 
When I started this challenge, I picked some really great things to remix. 
But, as soon as summer started (when the rainy season ended) the heat has really messed with my ability to wear 1/2 of my items. 

But, I'm no quitter. It is just going to take longer for me to put these things together. Considering I find myself staying home in the air conditioning more than my usual daily outings. I've convinced myself many times that sweating in this heat is never worth walking to the coffee shop for a latte, going to the library to study, or needing a rental movie. I've managed just fine staying away from the heat. 

The only thing that will get me out of the air conditioning is teaching my fabulous students. The English class I teach meets on Tuesday nights. And the sister class (taught by a different teacher) meets on Wednesday afternoons. Well I had the pleasure of teaching both lessons this week. But that meant having to go out in the heat...So the outfit (8/30) was cute, but stifling. I love this shirt and the fact that I found it on triple clearance (you know the take 50% of the clearance price and an additional 25 at the register)! I love the neckline and the color, but I hate how it traps my body heat and doesn't cool me off. 

I suggest Under Armor, Nike, or any other sport company should start making smart cowl neck shirts that will wick away sweat, but in style. Wouldn't that be awesome?! I'm going to draft a letter and send it out! 
I would totally buy those! 

Today happens to be Friday and guess what... its another hot day! But, the whole day isn't a drag because tonight  I'm meeting up to celebrate an upcoming wedding. It is a fabulous love story:
The previous teacher of my class invited her brother to come and visit Japan. One night she asked him if he could cover one of her English classes, a one-on-one lesson with a young woman. Well they clicked and started dating. He would travel to Japan to see her. She would travel to Ohio to see him. And the rest is sort of history. They decided to get married and had a beautiful ceremony in Ohio. But, now they are going to have a wonderful Japanese ceremony at a huge Shrine in Tokyo. I hear tidbits of his experience, trying to translate the meetings which are conducted in 90% Japanese or getting fitted for the antique kimono he will be wearing.

It is pretty fabulous and tonight I have been invited to dinner, with my students, to celebrate this love and spend time with him, his beautiful wife, and his parents! Such a treat! 

Want to know a secret?
The outfit I have picked out is NOT a part of the 30 for 30 challenge. 
But, I'll still be featuring it for the style postings I promised you! 

Well lets get to the outfit. 
I'm pretty happy with the outfit. The only thing that bothers me is that the skirt kept riding up because the satin shirt kept allowing it to happen. I was pulling it back down all day. 
And The lack of accessories is necessary. 
I hate the feeling of a necklace on a hot day. 
I feel claustrophobic. 

Well. I'm  back to writing papers and studying hard. 
I'm in my final week of a critical class!! Woo Hoo! 
By the way. I graduate one year from Aug. and I'm feeling the pressure. 

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  1. I love the shirt!!! Very cute. Great outfit! Those earrings are gorgeous. :)