17 July 2010

Lazy Saturday.

Some homework. 
Some errands.
A movie. 
A nap. 

That is how my Saturday went. 
I am absolutely positive it has been a LONG time since I've had one of these Saturdays. 
But, I did get dressed!
It was another easy outfit. 
This old navy t-shirt dress is very comfortable and they still have them available. Some for under $7! 
(Just a heads up, in my experience old navy t-shirt dresses run a little short. So when I bought this one I bought it in a Tall size... And you can see how short that is.. Just in case any of you were considering purchasing it.)
Add a belt, sandals, and earrings and I was out the door. 
Those earrings? 
I got those at a little 500 yen store in Harajuku. 
They have fashion earrings 2/500 yen! 
Can't beat that!
And the belt was one of several I found thrifting for $1!

I cut off my head in the second picture, but that's what I get for being impatient. 
 I could have waited for the Hubby to get home. 
But, I like to take pictures when I'm freshly put together. 
Who knows what my pictures would look like after sweating it out in the Japan humidity 
and shoving small children aside for last dibs on some chai-tea concentrate.
(They later put more on the self, so I don't feel bad.)
I'm viscous if anyone messes with quad-weekly chai-lattes! 
Watch out!

After getting the groceries. 
I settled down in our spare room for a movie and an unintended nap.

So there was outfit 5 of 30! 
I think I might be challenging myself to put together more outfits for under $30! 
I can't say I'm surprised, 
I have an inner magnet that is attracted to any clearance rack.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Cute, love the earrings and hairstyle!

  2. Hello from Ohio....love the belt! Karen

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Cute outfit :)