03 December 2009

2 years and counting.

We have been married for 2 years!

2 years!!!! 

My-goodness... they just FLEW right by! 

This year between getting boxes of gifts ready to be shipped to the states, starting a new job (Did I forget to mention this?! YES! I have a new - equally flexible - position at the school!), both of us getting our school done, && trying to create some great holiday spirit our first year spending Christmas together - well it snuck up on us... 

SOOOO.... how did we make it special?????

I cleaned.
I set a beautiful table for the dinner I was cooking. 
I made some really delish (& easy) Chocolate Mousse for dessert. 
I chilled a bottle of red wine. 
I wrapped the gifts. (We had a limit of $25!)

It was relaxing. Exactly what we wanted for our anniversary. 
Who needs a fancy hotel room? Who needs a $200 7-course dinner?
Who needs to get all dressed up? Who needs an expensive gift to commemorate another year??

Sure, all those things are great. 
But - if you have the ability to get to the truest meaning of an anniversary - you will see that all those [money-sucking] traditions just mask the deepest definition of the day. I'm absolutely positive that if we had the money to do all those things - we would have never discovered the beauty of our anniversary day. 
As we celebrated last night - it was just us - in our first apartment - celebrating together. 
Enjoying food that I made. Talking. Laughing. Just in love. 
It really is that simple. 
No expectations - No pressure. 

I woke up this morning a little wiser & a little more in love. 
Despite our arguements, our differences, our time apart, being in the military, living so far from family, and being so young - we have grown into this relationship. 
People have doubted us. People thought we were crazy. 
People thought we shouldn't have gotten married. 
They really don't know us. 
Despite the resistance - we have flourished

 We are ready to take on the challenges that the next year of married life will throw at us. Because let's face it...
[Life can be messy]

But - the beautiful bond that holds us together is what gets us through the difficult times. 

So. As our anniversary winded down, we fell asleep, silently toasting to the year ahead of us! 



  1. Love it!! Congrats girlie. :)

    I love the wedding photos. I only wish we could've had a real wedding. We did the court house thing before hubby went off to basic training.

    I think that's a common thing with marriages within the military. People will think you're crazy and that you shouldn't get married, and all that jazz. If you're love is strong and you have great communication between the two of you, you can get through anything and live a long and happy life together. :) Being a military couple isn't easy and it becomes harder when you have children, but if you do what you can to make it work, it will and it will be the most beautiful well worth it experiences ever.

    So happy anniversary babe. With my glass up, I wish the two of you a long and happy life together. Live, laugh, and love like tomorrow will never come. Cheers!

  2. Happy Anniversary, sweet girl!

  3. Aww what a fabulous post!! Happy Anniversary!!! Loved the pics of your wedding, absolutely beautiful!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Awesome pictures! You hit the nail on the head with being able just to enjoy the simple things on your special day. Congrats!

  5. This is a beautiful post and you said everything perfectly! Love like this doesn't happen often... you should feel incredibly blessed (it sounds like you do). I loved all the pictures. You guys make a fabulous couple. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Congrats on 2 years!!! Happy Anniversary!

  7. Happy Anniversary! You are right... You don't need all the fancy stuff to make it special! A box of mac and cheese is fance enough! =)

  8. Kate: Happy Anniversary. Having been at your wedding, I've seen the looks you give each other- and I believe. Have a wonderful 3rd year together.....!