16 December 2009


If I had one wish to make right this minute.
I would wish for three buttons.
I know you all have felt the need for some buttons in your life.
Buttons that you can press....
When things get overwhelming.
When you want to hold on to a moment for just a little bit longer.
To linger on a good-bye kiss.
To get through deployments.
Here is what I would use them for: 

Fast forward:
I would use this button to go through the grocery store.
[& I would continue to use it while I unload them in my house].
I would use it to quickly get through tearful nights. 

I would use this to stay in a nap for a few extra minutes.
Or to give myself a few more minutes seeing his face.
Maybe I would use it to give myself a minute to think.


I would use this to take back my word.vomit.
I would also use rewind to remember my memories a little clearer.


  1. Very cute post. I would use the pause for naps also.

  2. Sometimes I definitely wish for that rewind button!