28 December 2009

Promises for the Future.

So we have a 50/50 split about resolutions.
Some people make them and keep them.
Some people make them and break them.
Some people don't make them at.all.

Do it or don't do it, There is no doubt that people are full of anticipation and curiousity of what the new year (& new decade) will bring us.

Every year, I present my hopes for the future -  to the universe. Clearly, most everything is beyond my control. But, by doing this, I feel that I'm putting my best-positivity out there.

In addition to this, I'm taking this new year to simplify my life.
New Year = Fresh Start.
Kate from Centsational Girl has the right idea:

Go check her out. 

This new year, I'm starting with a lightened heart, mind, and home. 


  1. Sounds like a great plan. I might try to de-clutter/organize next weekend.

  2. This year was definitely a year of de-cluttering (though I really don't have much - too many moves in the last 8 years) and lightening of the "stuff" load. Moving out and then in and then out and then in within a 7 month period has a way of doing that. And maybe the fact that I had a heart of "ice, ice baby!" this last time.

    I feel more free to enjoy life when I am not bogged down but things and the joy of giving away is wonderful too!

    Have fun de-cluttering your heart, mind, and home!


  3. I'm right there with you on getting rid of the clutter!