21 December 2009

A Simply Simple Holiday.

I'm in love with vintage Christmas Cards. My Mom sent me a very cute card with a vintage Christmas image on it this year (Thanks!).

Enjoy your Christmas season. Don't forget to:
Think twice before dropping $300 on a present. 
(Does he really need a North Face Jacket? -he is only 10. 
Does she really need a Coach Purse?- she is only 16.)
Find a simpler way to show you care.
(Make something home-made. Or give your time and volunteer!)
Wrap yourself in the warmth of love not gifts.
(Just enjoy spending precious time with family, not spending precious cash on gifts.)
Instead of spending hours in line at the Mall, sit and enjoy hot-coco and Charlie Brown Christmas.

On my list of things to do this week?
1. Wrap up the gifts for The Hubby.
    a. Double Check the receipts - we had a $50 cap!
2. Review and re-Review the recipes for Christmas Dinner.
3. Make sure Skype works for Christmas morning with my Mom.
4. Bake some cookies.
5. Enjoy all the TV Christmas Episodes & Movies.
6. Drive around base to see all the Christmas Decorations.
7. Sleep in.
8. Listen to my favorite Christmas Music.

I'm sure you are all getting ready for traveling...
For more family time than you have had in a while...
& Possibly for some traditions (good & bad).

Be safe driving, flying, or train-riding.
Be good house guests.
Be patient with family.
Be patient with traditions.
Be thankful for holidays.

Be Merry!


  1. Next year we are putting a cap on our spending. Very true that its more important to enjoy the simpler things in life.

  2. I love vintage Christmas cards too-actually anything vintage. Merry Christmas to you and yours!