19 December 2009

Random Assortment of Things.

Hello! Happy-almost-Christmas!!

This week was exhausting.
And I'm really happy that this 2 week break decided to work itself into my schedule at just the right moment. Another week of craziness and I would have gladly hopped in a kayak and started for the States.

Kayaking?? Yes - it is true. Google Maps suggests a kayak to take across the Pacific ocean to get back to the states. 
 [Don't believe me?? Go to Google. Click on Maps. Click on Get Directions. Type in Tokyo for A. Type in New York City for B. VoilĂ ! Scroll down to about 23-25ish. Kayak across Pacific Ocean. No Joke.]


I love working with kids. And I love working at the Middle School. 
But: I don't love working with students high on candy canes/soda/pizza/ and chocolate. 
And I don't love working with Teacher's that are crabby and in need of a (much deserved) day off. 
So Hallelujah - for some time away!

The Hubby was put on Quarters for the past couple days. He has been so sick. 
I never see him like this. This one really knocked him out of comission for a couple days. 
So, I set up the living room all comfy for him and stocked up on ramen, cold meds, cough drops, and water.
And I stayed as far away from him as a could. I do not, I repeat, DO NOT want to get sick for Christmas. 
Oh and the fact that I turn into a pathetic-pitiful-whiner when I get sick - so the Hubby was understanding. 
He fell asleep on the couch and I shut myself in the bedroom. And that's how its been since Thursday. 
What's funny is that we miss each other. Neither of us can wait until he gets better so we can get back to Christmas stuff. We haven't even driven around to see all the lights yet! Geesh
So my fingers are crossed that his immune system kicks this cold in the butt --so we can get on with our lives...

Tonight: I'm going to a Christmas Concert with T! Two of our students sing in a gospel choir and we will be attending the concert together! We might even have time to stop off for a little sushi beforehand. Yum!
This weekend, If you are traveling, stay safe.
If you are shopping, stay safe too. (Last minute shopping can be brutal!).
If you are sick, feel better.
And if you are starting winter break, christmas break, or just a few days off on the weekend, RELAX!

Remedy for a crazy holiday season?
Made-for-TV Christmas movies, hot coco (or [my fav] hot apple cider), and some cookies!


  1. That's nuts that google recommends kayaking to the US. Hope your hubby gets better soon. Are you taking vitamins so that you don't get sick?

  2. Hope the hubs feels better soon!

  3. I hope your husband is feeling much better today!
    And that you stay completely healthy.

    Kayak across the Pacific?? Craziness.

    I went shopping last night... late last night, since the mall was open 'til 11 pm. I only almost got run over one time by a disgruntled shopper. Everyone else was exceptionally pleasant! Can you believe it? And in New York, of all places, where people are characteristically on the "cold" side! :)

    Enjoy your break!