29 December 2009

Dinner goes Greek - CYT style.

[Note: CYT is the acronym I use for the Cook Yourself Thin recipe book. The Hubby doesn't feel like he is eating she-she-foofy food if I say it is from the CYT book rather than the girly-book-with-the-black-dress-on-it. What he doesn't know doesn't hurt him.. it actually makes him healthier!]

Back in NY, one city away from my hometown, there is a wonderfully-delicious Greek restaurant. 
It was a special treat for our family and on my birthday, since we could decide what we wanted for dinner, I usually requested take-out.
Also, the Hubby and I had a special dinner there when we first started dating.
& I've introduced many family and friends to my love of Greek food through this restaurant.
[I'm definitely not salivating all over my computer desk right now...]

This is the restaurant that introduced me to the world of eggplant, lamb, cucumber dip, and feta cheese.
Needless to say, I've definitely been craving Greek food. 
So, as I was flipping through my recipe books, I found a similar recipe for lamb kebabs out of Cook Yourself Thin.

image via Amazon.com

Here is the page for the recipe, from their TV website on Lifetime.

It was so easy to make and it fed my craving for some Mediterranean flavors. I did not serve mine with the yogurt, I served it on top of some brown rice with a Greek-style salad on the side.
I got a thumbs up from the Hubby - which means this recipe is a real gem, since he is the disgruntled food critic...
Living overseas and shopping from our commissary can be limiting. So I had to make some substitutions..
but overall, I was able to cook it up according to the recipe..

If you don't have this recipe book, buy it.
They also have a new book called, Cook Yourself Thin Faster, which is the next recipe book I buy.

image via Amazon.com

I have used MANY recipes from my book, which is evident by the food-crusted pages...
It has gotten a lot of use in my house & although I haven't seen a dramatic change in my body shape, I feel TONS better about eating delicious and satisfying food that is well portioned and overall healthy!

All of the recipes are available on the internet on the websites above. [but just for good measure, you can click ---> here. Or here. Or here. ]


  1. I've made their Penne Alla "Not-ka" several times and think it's excellent! I'm glad they have another book coming out!

  2. Now would you be talking about Symeons....It is quite a delicios place!!