14 December 2009


Sometimes Life is Messy has a new-do!!
[And I'm a bit in love with it.]
So I must give credit where credit is due (because surely, it is not I doing this)....

Dirt & Lace Designs took care of all my blogging designing needs.
If you are considering a do-over, a re-do, a new-do, or just something to-do..
Go and Check.Her.Out.
This beauty of a blog took about 3 days start-to-finish, and it is fabulous.

I heard about Stephanie from Jessica @ Learning As We Go.
Jessica, that lucky-duck, won a give-away! And her blog looks Ah-mazing!
Sure enough.. I was ready to take my blogging to the next level.
AND you-bet-your-tush that I'll go back to Stephanie for all of my blogging wants (who are we kidding, they're needs!)

So the BIGGEST shout out to Steph and Jess for contributing to my revamp!


  1. Thanks Kate!!! I had a great time doing your design, I'm glad you love it!

  2. Very pretty. Nice choice.

    Love the Anne Bradstreet quote, btw. She is my favorite poet. :)

  3. Love it Kate. It is so the you I think you are...

  4. ohh hehe.. I'm a little behind on blog reading. I'm so glad you used her!! She's wonderful, isn't she?!