17 December 2009

Holiday Mail.

I was so-beginning to think we were forgotten over here in Japan.
I was really beginning to think Japan is just too far.
I was beginning to think that I had some serious shopping to do..
I was beginning to notice all that space under the Christmas tree.

But -Yesterday I had the biggest surprises in the mail box -
I had Christmas Cards from family and friends
& a huge package from Mama Bear - She is awesome. And very on top of things (sorry I doubted you.)!

I'm happy to report, there are gifts under the tree & cards up on the garland!
Tomorrow is my final day of work. Monday is my final day of school.
{Then I have 2 weeks off!}
Yes, that's right. TWO WEEKS!!
I see lots of reading & naps in the near future...

OHHH and in the forcast for Japan we are expected to get some flurries.
Nothing to really write home about - But, that means I might have to leave the house a little earlier to (maybe) scrape some frost off of the windshield. Exiting things happening here at Yokota AB.
Woo.hoo. Don't be too jealous.

Happy last minute holiday-ing!


  1. Yay for Xmas break! Hope you enjoy yours also.

  2. Yokota had been at the top of our dream sheet for awhile now!! Oh, I would love to live there.

    Not going to happen, at least for quite a few years now, but that's ok. :) One has to roll with things... My brother has been at Kadena for 4 years now and absolutely loves it!

    Sure glad that your Christmas hope, however slim it became, was rewarded!


  3. YAY! for Christmas!!!!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Oh and I tagged you! See my blog for details!