09 December 2009


99% of the time I'm able to function with a broken heart. 
But, that 1% is enough to stop you in your tracks. 

My heart broke into a million little pieces the day my dad died. 
And I'm positive that I'll always have a chip on my heart, even if I manage to put it back together. 
I bring myself to tears as I enjoy the memories
They may hurt like hell...
but it is all I have left.

This is my first year spending the holidays away from home. 
Although - I am ancipating many new traditions, I'm still longing for old ones...

...what I would give for just another moment with him.



  1. I'm sure this time of the year isn't easy, especially being away from home. Just try your best to remain positive, I'm sure that's what your dad would want.

  2. So sorry for your loss! Im sure he is here watching over you during every holiday tradition and memory you make! Definitly cherish the memories you had with him! Take care hun!

  3. I've never lost a parent so I can't say I know how you feel. I hope that this holiday season you're able to enjoy what you can of it. Hang in there! :)