06 February 2010

Avoiding Farewells.

I'm a professional avoider. I've mastered this & I can detach myself from many emotional things in my life.
I've been able to hold everything in so far... but last night there was definite emotional spew-age (?) over something I've been able to avoid up to this point.
Being part of the military are you constantly saying good-bye to people (and the up-side? You get to say hello to some fab new people!). This is just a fact you live with. You meet some awesome people and before you know it (because time flies..) either you or your friends are packing out and moving on.

I've been hinting at the fact that we have a couple friends moving.
And I've been nonchalant about it, because I'm supposed to be used to it right?!

We have been blessed to have these people a part of our life & I know they always will be a part of it. There was a turning point when they became more than just friends, they are family. We spend holidays & countless weekends together. We've gotten drunk to celebrate and we've gotten drunk to commiserate.

These fant-abulous people are leaving Japan in a few days & I'm so sad it brings tears to my eyes to think of it. Even if you say hello and goodbye countless times as a military family - it doesn't make it any easier.
& last night we spent her last Friday out as a girls night. It was hard to ignore the looming departure date & we cried.

What I realize now, that I didn't know ever before - is there are some bonds that are made that are just unbreakable. There are some people in our lives that love you for who you are - the good, the bad, and the ugly. There are some people that can spit their gum in your hand & its okay. There are some that will help clean up the mess after you spill your guts (literally and figuratively). So - as the days before they leave come closer, there will be more tears. But - it's not a bad thing, it is a testament to the love that we have in this friendship. It is showcasing that despite thousands of miles and the time that will go by before we hang out again - we will be able to pick up right where we left off. And that, for me, is amazing.

 "Friend: one who knows all about you and 
loves you just the same."
-Elbert Hubbard


  1. While it is sad to have to say goodbye, the friends that we make has to be one of the best parts of military life. The good news is, as long as you stay in, you are bound to get stationed with the same people again and again!

  2. It's definitely sad to say good-bye to close friends, but there are always more friends to be made in the military. I always feel like it's much harder to be the one left behind than the one leaving. But like MG said, never give up hope that you'll get stationed together again. I had a great friend in Japan, and a year after I moved back to the states, she moved 10 minutes down the road from me!!

  3. I hate saying goodbye to people. I think that's the hardest part of any move. Just remember it's not goodbye..it's I'll see you soon.