21 February 2010

Blogger Award

In my best Elvis Voice: 
Thank You, Thank You Very Much...

Katie @ The Adventures of Katie and Josh passed along this award! 
 It was very sweet!
I love her iPhone Photo Friday posts. 
They are REALLY funny. 

There weren't any rules with this one. 
SO - I'm making my own (just because!)

1. Thank the person that awarded it to you. 

2. List 5 things that make you happy. 

3. Pass it along to 5 blogs that bring sunshine to your day! 

Things the make me happy: 
-Cute ballet flats! 
-Miranda Lambert!
-Yummy Strawberry Crepes!
-Finding a New Hobby : Crocheting!

To be honest, many MANY blogs make me smile, but here are a few: 
Carrie @ [carrotspeak.] 
CorkyShell @ Behind every great love is a great story...


  1. you are welcome! And I was so sad, I accidentally forgot to do an iphone foto friday post because I have been so caught up with my stupid landlord!!

    But happy weekend!! :)

  2. Congrats! What a pretty blog!
    Happy FF...a few days late! Would be great to have a visit from you.


  3. Gee, thanks!! :) I'll get right on this....

  4. Yay! Thank you. I'll make sure to post my awards this week.