21 February 2010

A Sunday Afternoon

I spent my afternoon with her....
 [It was her b-day yesterday!!!]

& her...
 [ Michiko - or - Nihongo Mama]

  This Mama brought us here:
to eat this: 
 [Among many other delicious foods]

Then we went to see this: 

And saw the cutest-violin-boy ever!
[Told You So!]

But really we went to see her:
  [Masako-san. She looked fabulous and played beautifully (the violin, like the cute little boy)]
I even met her mother-in-law (who had the most beautiful white hair I've ever seen) and introduced myself as Masako's English teacher - in Japanese! 
woo! hoo!

Good Friends.
Good Food.
Good Music. 
Good Sunday.


  1. What a fun afternoon! Congrats on the Japanese accomplishment :) Are you actively learning or just taking it in through osmosis?