16 February 2010

Surprises & Love Story.

I still get giddy like a child when I peek into the mailbox and voilà, you've-got-mail! 

Last week, my class and I got a big surprise in the mail from the previous teacher (Thank you if you are reading!). She always sends little goodies - so I shouldn't have been so surprised by this, but I was. She sent us a box filled with goodies to share for Valentine's Day. There were socks, candy (lots and lots of candy) and valentine for everyone. 

AND there were these fun pouches that you punched (really hard) and a valentine would appear. It was so darn cute! Though, the whole process was a little underwhelming, considering that only one did what it was supposed to. But that ONE little pouch gave us a lot of excitement. You shake up the pouch and mix up the chemicals (?) and punch it with your fist. It immediately inflates and then POP! out comes your special valentine balloon! 

It was such a good night teaching. What's funny is that I can moan about going out in the cold, I can hate the drive, and I can be napping on the couch right up until the 5 minutes before I'm late - but as soon as I'm surrounded by these wonderful people all of that melts away. I'm just full of smiles, laughter, and most of all love. 

I teared up as I was trying to tell them about a love story between one American girl and these wonderfully-welcoming-loving-kind-beautiful-nurturing-supportive Japanese citizens that have become a part of her family & heart. I got misty when I was describing how much this family meant to her and how grateful and blessed she was to have them a part of her life. It is truly magical when love transcends distance, culture, language, and age. It.is.truly.magical.

 [This is a picture from my Birthday -  but it has everyone in ONE picture.]
From Left to Right: 
Koutaro, Shinsuke, Mitsu, Masako, Michiko, Me (Kate), Kazuko, Manami, Kazue, Shiho, & Little Kazuko.


  1. I had literally just mentioned to somebody yesterday how I don't get valentines day packages from my mom anymore since I am now an "adult." And then low and behold I got one that arrived late because of the snow storm that stopped the earths rotation. It really is so nice to get a care package isn't it? I mean even if you are living at home and get it from somebody you live with. Cool right? Right!

  2. How sweet. My Japanese friends in college were some of the sweetest I had. Every time I read your blog it makes me miss them a little more!

  3. That's so sweet nice of the previous teacher. I'm glad you've found some great people ot be around!