27 February 2010

Movie Critic Friday

I had this incredibly cheery post about the balloons and talking dog-collars in the Disney Pixar's Movie 'Up'.

But last night, late last night, I went to the movies. T and I went to see Precious.

I couldn't hold off to talk about this movie.

See it. Go see it.
This  movie shows abuse in a very unfiltered, unaltered, raw way (physical, sexual, and verbal) & parts are disturbing. But, it is more than just abuse, this film shows hatred, blame, envy, illiteracy, AIDS, welfare, and alternative education. You meet the main character, Precious, and her struggle & her deep desire to get out of her situation. There are moments of relief, but a majority of the time, I sat there knowing that there are people in our country that face these situations everyday.

It solidified for me the reason I'm finishing my degree in social working.

There were moments where I would smile at Precious' effort towards making things better. And there were moments when my heart smiled for the women and people that did support her.

On another note: 
This movie has more swearing in it than I've ever heard (Oh.my.goodness.) The string of superlatives that came out of their mouths was an education (for me) in itself.

I think, every woman should see this movie. For many of us, I think, this movie touches on issues that are so far removed from our situation that it could do nothing but change our world view. It exposes issues that remain hidden under fake facades and toughened masks. And it opened my eyes to a different type of suffering, shame.

I really hope that this movie does well in the Academy Awards because the women that played these roles were magnificent. Particularly Monique, who played Precious' mother - the emotion, anger, and abuse she portrayed really guts you.

All in all:
This movie should humble you.

My only criticisms (Caution: A SPOILER!!!!):
-It implied that a small amount of intervention could pull someone out of the hardened shell of a person who suffered abuse starting in infancy (most of the time, this is not the case..).
-That the ending implied that Precious would continue on and accomplish all her dreams, all I could think about was the fact that she has AIDS in 1987 - a time where the life expectancy of these patients was shortened into months or years (not like now where with proper treatment a patient can live decades with the disease). Which made me think about where her 2 children would go (it could be very possible that they be put back into the home where Precious was running from).

Did I think this was an amazing movie? 
It is moving.

This movie is disturbing & difficult to watch. These are opinions that I have. I am not pushing anyone to go see it, I am  stating what I saw as a heartbreaking and unbelievably executed movie. 
You may disagree & if you go to see this, please let me know what you feel about it. 
If you HAVE seen it, I'm very interested in your comments.


  1. A friend loaned me a bootleg copy of this movie. I watched it alone and I am glad I did.
    It was raw.
    It was powerful.
    I will never forget it.

  2. I couldn't sit through the whole movie. It was so upsetting. I felt so bad for her and I really felt bad for everyone that things like this happen to. Maybe when it comes out on dvd I'll try to watch the whole thing.

  3. My mother in law went to see it and actually told me to avoid it and not see it. I am kind of curious though so think maybe I will read the book instead.

  4. Hi Kate, first visit here. I have avoided seeing this movie. The idea of anyone hurting a child is so despicable to me that I don't know if I can handle it.

    I have a degree in social work and started out wanting to work as an advocate for children. After attending a seminar about child abuse while pregnant with my first child, I knew that I could never deal with the parents of abused children. There was no way I could treat a person like that with any amount of dignity.

    I have heard the movie was wonderfully done.

  5. I watched the movie and didn't really enjoy it. The book is so much better and really shows her progression through all of her trials and how she overcame.