16 February 2010

Give In

Sometimes when you fight against something for so long, you eventually just give in to it.
That's what happened this weekend. I.gave.in.

We bought our second major purchase as a married couple.
It comes in the form of 52 inches. Liquid Crystal Display. High Definition. Flat Screen.
It practically takes up a whole wall.
[& my eyes have yet to adjust to it massive-ness.]

It's really unnecessary. & The Hubby is in love with it.
It's TV-Movie-Gaming at it's best. I truly DO feel like I'm at the theater -(if I could only remember the steps it takes to change into cinema viewing.). And I hope my neighbor doesn't mind if the Hubby can experience actually BEING in a war (it sounds like we are ACTUALLY there now.).

If it was up to me, I would stick with our half ton, opposite of high definition, plain-jane, TV box. (Which we purchased for $30 - 2 years ago.)
I put up a good fight. I really did. For a long time. But, as the Hubby's TV fund grew and grew, I knew that if I didn't give in now, we would be buying even bigger! So I gave in on Valentine's day. As I passed the jewelry counter and coffee maker I've been fawning over - we made our way back to the Man's domain, Electronics. Here, I sat a stared at TV's and compared the viewing quality of at least 5 screens (that didn't look all that different to my inexperienced-HD-eyes). Finally, we had made a decision. I gulped down my shock at what we were paying. I stood by and watched some hard-earned money easily slip out of his hands & I reminded myself that he owes me big.time. He owes me chick-flicks on this TV.{since we will no longer be splurging on movie tickets.} He owes me design shows.{so that I can drool over the projects I won't be getting to for a while.} And he owes me life-time movies on a lazy Sunday. {just because.}

Did I lose a battle? Yea - I did. But:, the way I see it, he didn't need my permission. And I KNOW he has sucked up some trips to the mall. & He has gulped down some shock at receipts from crafting stores and clothing stores. So, I've decided to make the most of this purchase. I helped him switch TV's. I did my part moving our half-ton dinosaur & when I looked at his face, I couldn't help but love to see his eyes light up as he told me about our future movie nights. 

What did I get out of this? Well, the Hubby decided to move his gaming into the spare bedroom, now known as The Man's Room. Where he can retreat to - hide out, drink a beer, wind down, watch a game, play a game - w/e men do in The Man's room will.be.done.

What I took away from this is: It's OK to give in, once in a while (wink, wink).


  1. Thanks for the award!

    Love finding new blogs & you made it super easy to find yours! LOL I can't imagine living in Japan, so I look forward to reading about it from you! :-)

  2. i still have NO idea how to change our tv to movie mode...3 year after the fact.

  3. It sounds like you guys are going to enjoy it together. I'm sure it made him very happy!

  4. I have to give in once in awhile too. It sounds like he has been skimping and saving on things so he could get it. And you get to watch it too so it could be a win-win situation.

  5. I just gave in on the SAME issue. But the boys REALLY seem to love it. I gave in because my husband seemed lost when they sent all our stuff to Okinawa instead of here. You are right though. When we give in they seem SO happy. Chick flick marathon here we come!!! Have fun.