15 February 2010


I've gone and done it again. I've skipped a day of blogging that turned into too long (I know ya'll have been there)! Yikes!
I've been a bad blogger and a bad blogging friend.... 
There hasn't been a spare moment to log on a read all of your blogs - let alone type up some posts!!!
(but here I am again...)

So here is some randomness to fill you in:

First - let me just say, I wish you all had the ability to smell my apartment right now. I just made a fabulous potato soup (with corn, beans, grean beans, and cheese) which is curing my case of the blues - due to the fantastic gloomy-sleet-snowy weather we have going on Japan today.

  • Not all mozzarella cheese is good for pizza. Some will turn it into a hot-soggy-mess.

  • Pants that have a tag that warns against "bleeding" will turn your skin blue.

  • Apparently, "fancy clothes" is a dead giveaway for a New Yorker. If only this 8 year old could see my hometown. [Not.so.fancy.]

  • Even when you think you are on top of everything, there will always be something else do to.

  • BSB (Backstreet Boys) are still hot and currently touring in Japan.

  • Functioning on limited zzz's makes my fuse much (MUCH) shorter! [Watch Out!]

Now for some Awards!!

Heather @ Riding the Roller Coaster passed along these awards. It was WAY sweet - Thank you!!!
I'm going to pass them along to some blogs that I've recently started following:
1. Karie @ Wife of a Wounded Marine
2. Expat Girl @The Sand is Different Here
3. Kate @ The Adventrues of Katie and Josh
4. Jordan @ This Is My Now
5. Jessie @ What You Wish For

The next award is:

First of all:
Heather @ Riding the Roller Coaster gave it to me, so Thank you!!!!

Here are the 7 not-so interesting things about me:
1. I never ever buy clothes full price!
2. I like to experiment in the kitchen.  
(1/2 the stuff I make is not from a recipe..) 
((1/2 of that stuff actually tastes good...))
3. My favorite color is light blue. 
4. I love fashion. 
5. I ride my bike to work a.lot.
6. I have crazy-wild-lion-mane-quality hair that I tame every day.
7. I am married to my best friend. (he is the only person that knows everything about me and doesn't run the other way).

Promise to be a better blogger.

Also: a HUGE welcome a few new followers!

1 comment:

  1. thanks for the award!!

    I really wish I could ride my bike to work every day! When I worked on campus I would ride my beach cruiser every day - it was great!