19 February 2010


Finessa @ Road To Bliss has described her nicknames for her son. I decided to ask you where your nicknames are from! Here are mine: 
I respond by a whole host of cute, little pet names that the Hubby and my family have come up with for me.

Full Name:
Katherine Marie
(Used in formal occasions and if I did something I was not supposed to.)
[Fun Fact: The Hubby introduces me as "my wife, Katherine."]

Basic (Standard) Nicknames:
Kate, Katie.

Childhood Nicknames:
Monkey, Kater-Pa-Tater, Katers. Katie-Girl
[Fun Fact: I still have a monkey stuffed animal that I was given when I was born.]

The Hubby-Created Nicknames:
Katie-Pie, Tootie, Maria

[Maria is funny because it isn't my name. It isn't even my middle name! It throws people off when they hear it, which makes it really funny, because I actually RESPOND!]

Simply Kate.

               Now, tell me what your funniest/cutest nickname is. 
Is it from childhood? Since marriage?? 
The most creative nickname gets a gold star!!!


  1. Full name: Jordan Denae

    Most used nicknames: J, Jor, Gordo, Jordy, Sissy

    Other nicknames: Jor Jor, Denae-nae, Jadynn

    I respond to all of them! Except for Denae-nae, my mom only called me that when I was little! I love nicknames :-)

  2. Full Name: Miranda Jean Castaneda

    Most used nick names: Mjay, Randa

    Random nickname given by my closest friends: Meeranda Jeany BoBo...Boas was my maiden name hence the bobo haha

    Funny note about my hubby is that he doesn't have a nick name..so when we were young he created Laurence as his nick name just totally out of the air..and ever since then I've called him Laurence when I'm jokin' around..and when I'm mad it's Roberto Laurence Castaneda..he hates it!!

  3. name: hayley faith
    nicknames: hales, hayley bug.

    random one: bossy pants. me and 2 of my best friends always went out together, and when one moved away, we'd plan girls weekends together. APPARENTLY, i've had a little too much the night before, i'm not very nice the next day...we were at our hotel trying to check out, and i was ill and cranky, and one friend was finishing getting ready, and i snapped at her "your hair is dry enough!". to which they replied i had my bossy pants on...and the name stuck =)

  4. The Maria nickname thing is tooo funny. Where did he get that from? I LOVE talking about nicknames. I swear my husband has a TON.

    My dad always called me corkyshell (hence my blog).

    But my hubby calls me:

    Poo Pants, Easy Bake (because I'm always so warm), Peter Pantsless, Blonde Wonder or BW for short...As you can tell nothing have anything to do with my actual name.

    Cute post :)

  5. NAME: Kimberly Loftin

    HUBBS CALLS ME: Baby Mamma, Hunny bun, Sugarplum Farie.


    FAMILY CALLS ME: Sugar foot [because I had the sweet tooth & always barefoot]

    FRIENDS CALLS ME: Kimmie, Kim, Kimberly


  6. Name: Jamie Lynn

    Nicknames from childhood: Sweet britches, brown eyed girl... both given by my dad

    Nicknames from school: Newt (my maiden name is Newton), Mary-Juana or MJ for short. In my Spanish 3 class in high school my teacher assigned me a new spanish name since my old one was already taken by someone else in the class. She gave me Juana. I told my best friend that it made me feel like a pot head for some reason and I couldn't put my finger on why. Then it dawned on me and she started calling me Mary Juana all the time after that. It eventually got shortened to MJ and she still calls me that to this day.

    Hubs just sticks to the standard baby, babe, etc.