04 February 2010

It can be done!

I can: 
Wake up & drop the hubby off to work (in the freezing cold).
Whip up some cookie batter for later that evening.
Put in a few hours of tutoring.
Run all the errands I need to during my lunch break.
Head back to work to cover for a teacher.
Run and pick up the girls to bake cookies with Ms. Kate (while their parents stay busy cleaning and moving).
Drop of a package @ the post office.
Bake and decorate 1 batch of sugar cookies.
Bake and decorate 2 dozen cupcakes.
Drive the kiddos back home & help out with the moving and packing.
Put together all the cupcakes for a going-away classroom party.
Finish a couple loads of laundry.
And leave the house only slightly more messier.

You can do it all.
You will just feel like you could fall asleep in your jeans. (because I definitely am in my jeans right now - and I don't know if I can make it into bed.. I might just crash right here on the couch...)

Good News? Tomorrow = Friday!!!  


  1. That is quite an impressive agenda you completed!! You go girl!! Now u better rest this weekend!:)

  2. Sounds like a very productive day. I love productiveness.

  3. Wow! Color me impressed. I'm lucky to get that much done in a weekend anymore. A 3-day weekend. You were game-on today, girl!

  4. Haha now add kids of your own into the mix and I bet you $10 that you'd fall asleep in those jeans before you even got home. Hahah at least that's how I feel most days! Great blog.