23 February 2010

It's Freaking Tuesday.

Today I was on the verge of tears all day.
& I'm going to dive right into this:
Yesterday was my father's birthday.
I've struggled with the grief of losing him and I'm still struggling with continuing on without him. Of course I miss him everyday, but yesterday he would have been 49 years old (and hating that fact!) and I can't help but be a little...off.

I woke up like any other normal day and planned out the several errands I had to go run after work. I had to pay my husband's motorcycle insurance, it's due. I drive over to the tiny little insurance shop - with the even tinier parking lot- and walk in ready to pay. Then they say... Oh by the way, I think your car insurance expired - WHAT? yep.it.did. Oh and by the way, your JCI [a bi-annual inspection, which costs an arm and a leg to get done] was due last week. So, you cannot drive your car, but if you go down to city hall you can pay to get some temporary plates! Yay! And you are going to have to bring your car to the on-base inspection and pay your other arm and leg to have them pre-inspect it before you bring it to us and sell your soul so we can get it inspected, for real. Ugh. Fine. So I leave the office knowing that I'm now armless-legless-and soulless. perfect.

I get into my illegal car, drive to the Japanese city hall and drive down into the tiniest underground parking lot I've ever seen. You HAVE to back in, because you might never get out again. So I do a 3 point turn.  4 point turn. 5 point turn. 6 point turn. 7 point turn to get into the darn spot. Three cars were waiting and I was getting the death stare from the Japanese man who just about t-boned me. I parked WAY too close to the darn wall and banged my head against the freaking car door. perfect. I'm juggling my paper work, my wallet, my car keys, and my parking lot ticket. All so I can buy these freaking temporary plates, so I can drive my freaking car, so I can sell my arms and legs (and soul!), so we can drive [legally].

Then, since I'm bringing the car in to get it pre-inspected, I realize that the state of my car is less-than-stellar. So- I pull into the shopette and vacuum out our car. Only to stand back up and feel a pain in my back like I've never felt before.
My poor (poor, poor) students tonight.. I am in rare form and I'm not sure if I will be able to pull off a sunny disposition. Hmmph!

Side Note:
While I was at the shopette, I picked up a bottle of wine.
I'm going to need it.

Happy Tuesday-ing!


  1. Ohhhhh Kate! I'm sorry about your daddy & your day with JCI crap. I've heard stories about getting the JCI done. Well I'm here for you always! I hope tonight will go smoothly for you!!!

  2. Gee that sounds like a pretty craptastic day. Hope today is better for you and good call with picking up the wine.

  3. Dang girl! I hope that wine helped a bit.

  4. Wow, It sounds like you've had a day! I hope things get better tomorrow and I hope that your back is ok!

  5. I'm sorry. What a day. I hope you were able to unwind and blow off some steam last night (right now? I'm really not sure about the time-change thing).