22 November 2009

Cat Nap.

Today I'm bringing up this beautiful-little-thing called a nap
I am a nap person. Some people are not. 
But, it is undeniably one of the best things in my life. (seriously.)

They allow me to relax. They give me a chance to shut out the rest of the world (atleast for a few minutes). 
Let's face it: Life is unpredictable. It is stressful. It is frustrating. 

Naps can save you from ripping your hair out.  
(It has saved me a few times)

They can give you a few minutes of "me" time.
(MUCH needed "me" time)

It can take you away from some stress. 
(Please take me away!)

They are awesome for recovering from a hang-over. a long night out. 
(I won't even disclose how many times I have done this). 
It can be a great way to take a break from life.
(I mean c'mon, we are saving the world daily - we deserve a break!)

This is my perfection: 
Some people ask me how I can waste my time with a nap. 
Some ask how I fit a nap into my schedule. 

First: I don't look at naps as a waste of time. They keep me balanced. They keep me fresh
Who wants to have a crabby apple at dinner? [No-one.]

My way to overcome the bitch in me is to calm it with a nap. 

Second: I made it a priority. If I am having an extremely frustrating day, I pencil in a 30 minute nap. Some people use Yoga to relax. Some people meditate. Some people go for a walk. Me? I take a nap

I'm not advocating that everyone take an hour everyday to get some heavenly down time.
I am, however, advocating for you to take some time to wind-down

The Hubby? He uses his guitar. After work, he will sit and play some tunes for a while.
My friend? She goes for a walk everday. 30-40 minutes of just good ole' increased circulation for a clearer mind. 
Another Friend? She will lie down and listen to relaxing music. 

All I'm sayin' is that I know some Mothers, some military spouses, some military members, some family members, and some friends that could just really afford to take a little break.

"Set aside half an hour everyday to do all your worrying, then take a nap during this time."


  1. Amen. I had my nap today! I sooo needed it too cus I was just not feelin it today. Thank goodness hubby was here to take care of the kids so I could get a nap in. If I could get my toddler to nap on a regular basis, then I would get that nap in everyday. I soooo love naps and I agree, they leave you feeling refreshed and they keep the bitch half down. Sleep is a beautiful thing. :)

  2. I'm all about the nap on a long day!! Glad you enjoy them!

  3. I love the pic! I love naps. My problem is that I'm a terrible cat-napper. If I do it, I wake up really cranky. I'm REALLY good at the 1-2 hour nap though.

  4. I love naps. Yesterday my husband was gone and I took a 3 hour nap. It was awesome! Naps are on my top five list of favorite things to do.

  5. I agree. I've become very good friends with napping since SoldierMan left. It's been essential for my sanity!