29 November 2009


As promised - here are some pics of the decorations I have created and put up around the apartment. Not everything is OVERLY seasonal. I love transitional decorating. And if these decorations can be used for the entire Winter, I feel I get more bang for my $$buck$$.

Everything you see is stuff that I already had!  [Really!]

I just had to buy 2 rolls of blue ribbon & a set of 100 count lights! 
Total: $12
Yes - $12!!!!!!! 
I've been trying to stick with the colors of Red & Light Blue. 

[New Mantra this holiday season: Use what you have.]
All of my little comments (& tid-bits) are below the pictures. 

  This is pretty simple: 
I had some old pine tree branches (fake) so I hot glued some rose petals, just to fancy them up. And to match my color scheme. You can't tell in this picture, but I used some little adhesive jeweled sickers to add a little shimmer. I love it! 
Adding a bow to ANYTHING makes it a little dressier & christmas-y!

This is my new favorite thing. My Mom sent me a hurricane glass that she didn't want. So I filled it with some pretty ornaments. On either side I have a small star candle holder that I picked up {for free} and in them are star shaped candles that I purchased at Pier One last year (After Holiday Sale) for 20 cents each! Fabulous!  I've got my eye on these sparkle candles at the bx to but on the shelves. But they are a little out of my price range! 
Moving to the kitchen: 

In the kitchen, I wanted to add some festive colors!  Keeping with the theme of red & lt. blue, I filled a vase with pine cones (that I pulled off of last years pine branches) and cool-funky plastic balls that I found in Japan. Add a few candles in hot-glued-rose-petal-makeshift candle holder & add some more of those funky plastic ball thingys and I have a modern/traditional custom kitchen decoration. 
More in the kitchen: 
This is actually one of those things that goes around the bottom of a candle. But, I liked it as a modern wreath. This was a gift from one of my Japanese family- who is currently living in Atlanta and she has discovered Hobby Lobby! 

I think this is one of my favorite creations. I had exactly four of these cute glass votive holders. So I used some scrap-booking stickers to make a simple statement on my stove! Add some tea-light candles and it brings a warm glow! 
Moving On to The Tree:

Our tree is small..I mean it was scoffed at  last year when it made its debut...  But -I'm a bit in love with it, because...it is a hand-me-down from my Mom, it is pre-lit, it only has three pieces, &&& it doesn't overwhelm my apartment. I kept the ornaments simple this year. If I were to put allll of the ornaments I had on this tree, it would make it look smaller than it already is. So I added origami cranes and a few of my favorite glass ornaments. Can you spot the Sumo guy? He is a cutie!

Close Up:

& Underneath - you can find:

Some presents that were wrapped before the X-rated newspaper put a cramp in my style. 
We don't have a tree skirt - so I'm using a table cloth I found last summer for $5! I think it works well here. Maybe its a bit Charlie Brown, but it sticks to the theme and doesn't attract unnecessary attention. 

Next is a work in progress.
The Laterns. 

I'm using laterns that I had in storage. But.. I'm on a search for some red/white/lt blue ones. 
So please be kind: I know this isn't perfect, but it gave me a good idea of what I wanted. 

A few extra projects::


Have you started decorating? Do you have things that you can repurpose, reuse, or reinvent? 
I bet you do!! Save a little money. Use what you already have!  


  1. You are quite the decorator!! Love all your decorations and Christmas tree!! Hope you had a fabulous holiday!

  2. Very cute! I decorated this weekend. I'll probably post pictures tomorrow.

  3. simple. classic. beautiful!

  4. Your apartment is so lovely. Beautiful decs!