26 November 2009

Giving Thanks!

I've settled down since the fiasco of the newspaper. 
[But I still find myself giggling about it]

Here is a short list of things I'm grateful for. 

I am grateful for the {Time, Energy, & Money} to go to school. 
I'm so grateful for having the Hubby home for the holidays. 
I love him....

I am appreciative of the ease of communication today. 
[Thank you internet. 
Thank you non-international phone. 
Thank you Facebook. Thank you Skype. 
Thank you Blogger.Thank you e-mail.] 
I'm thankful for being connected
I'm grateful for my family - that goes above and beyond to make me feel supported. 
I am grateful for good health. 
I'm thankful for 60 degree weather on Thanksgiving. 
I'm grateful for the friends I have here and back home. 


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