13 November 2009

Where are my keys???

Let me rant about this little issue I have called...

True Story time:

I spent all day [I mean 7-whole-freakin'-hours] trying to find my keys. I searched to the point of tears. I finally fell onto the Hubby's arms in frustration. What were his comforting words? "This hasn't happened to you in a while... at least a few days right?!" ugh.

True Story.

Before work I made tea. Put it in my to-go mug. Drove to work. On the way there, I could not, for-the-life-of-me, remember if I turned the stove off. I didn't trust myself, so I drove back home and was 5 minutes late. [I did turn it off] ugh.

True Story.

Instead of finding my cellphone in my purse, I found my T.V. remote.

True Story.

When putting away groceries I put my shampoo in the fridge, right next to my italian dressing [a whole week before I found that one].

True Story.

Made a list of things to do. Made a post-it to remind me to look at the list of things to-do. I lost the post-it, therefore I did not look at the list of things to do, therefore I did not take care of the oh-so-important-thing-called-a-bill. great.

True Story.

Went to the store, with my grocery list. Still forgot 1/4 of the things that were ON MY LIST 

True Story.

I forget phone numbers.
I forget names. 
I forget birthdays.
I forget appointments.
I forget..
a lot of things...

So now, I've come to learn to work around this quirk. 
- I always leave myself 15 extra minutes after I leave the grocery store to run back to get the items I forgot. - 
- I give myself 1 hour to look for something before I totally freak out. - 
- I have notebooks for everything. Notebooks tend to be easier to find (unless I wrote it one of the small ones...I still don't know why I even buy them) - 
- I have beyond-a-healthy amount of post its. Its a sickness. really.  
- I basically put out a disclaimer for people I meet. That way they know ahead of time what they are getting themselves in to. I'm really doing you a favor. trust me. - 

All I have to say is I'm So-so-so grateful for the friends I have for putting up with this crap. And goodness my poor husband - who despite wanting to rip his hair out - he doesn't. He is the real saviour in all of this, because without him I just might actually lose my mind. 

[[BTW: I did eventually find my keys!! It was just before we started pricing out what a new ignition would cost us! Thank Goodness!]]


  1. Ha, it happens to me too. Thats why I live for my "Control Journal" I keep it with me at all times and write down everything! Looks like you are taking the right steps to remembering more :)

  2. Are you my separated-at-birth twin? Cause that SO could have been me writing all that.

  3. aww hey! it's good to have found you, also! you're such a sweetie. I'll have to follow your blog ;)

  4. You're funny! I have a Nintendo DS and a game called Brain Age. You might look into it... or maybe just borrow mine. I think it might be beneficial for you. And don't call it a game, call it a "memory training investment." =)

  5. I'm glad that you found your keys!!

  6. Oh gosh! I've done that before! :P

    And I love that you said "True story."

    I recently went to the grocery store an splurged on my budget and bought beer and soda.

    And then LEFT them under my cart. :(

    True Story.

  7. Hello Ladies.
    I've tried MANY things, including therapy to help me with this "memory" issue I have. Well, it seems it is just my nature to be slightly forgetful.

    Thanks for all the tips, I will definitely have to try them out! :)

    And thanks for all the support!

  8. Girl your post had me laughing so hard. We both suffer from the same thing. I hate to break it to you, it gets worse after you have kids. I have calendars all over my house to remind me where I need to be and when, I have alarms set on my phone to remind me as well. I too have an insane amount of post it notes and I always lose them, usually with the help of my 3 year old. I'm always late, I forget birthdays, names, you name it I probably forgot it.

    I'm still laughing about the remote control in the purse and the shampoo in the fridge. Oh that is too funny. I've done stuff like that before too.

    One thing my husband makes fun of me for is when I walk somewhere in my house to do or get something and I get there and already forgot what I was wanting to do or get. Then I either have to ask my husband what I was doing, which he usually never knows, or I get frustrated and try to retrace my steps. I even have conversations with my husband and mid conversation forget what I was talking about. Yeah it's that bad. LOL