25 November 2009

Oh... Yikes!!!

I've been cracking up about this all night
So, of course - I want share this story with you. 

This year for the holidays I am decking the halls with lanterns and paper cranes
Christmas in Japan is going to be more Japanese-y... 

I got inspired, from Martha, to wrap all the gifts in Japanese newspaper tied up with Japanese washi paper for ribbon. Super Cute! But... I ran out of newspaper.... 

So before I went to teach last night I stopped by a convenient store.
There was a newspaper rack right near the door - Perrrfect! 
I picked up a few different ones - walked up there. 
Got a look from the guys, because [of course I don't read Japanese]. 
In & Out. Got to my class on time. Impressed with myself. 
[I'm thinking....I'm so on top of things this season.

Orrrrrrr so I thought... 

Tonight as I'm getting some presents out to wrap.. I open up the newspaper. 
yeah... I remember that funny look I got at the register...
I'm thinking...
it wasn't because I couldn't read Japanese. 

I was laughing so hard @ how [DUMB] I must have looked! 
This American girl walks up to buy some porn..
!!! Which in my defense was disguised as a newspaper!!! 

Nope. can't wrap gifts with that!!! 

What did I learn?
From now on I will be scoping out the entire paper before purchasing. 

I'm still surprised at my ability to embarrass myself. 
Needless to say: [[wrapping is put.on.hold.]] 

-Have a Happy Thanksgiving!-



  1. AHAHAH I didn't know they did that! Disguising porn as a regular newspaper. LOL That's too funny.

  2. Hahahaha! Newspaper porn? That's kinda odd.

  3. Hahahahha that is flippin hysterical and probably something I would find myself doing! I love these stories!

  4. LOL... this is hilarious. I'm able to laugh so much at/with you without feeling too bad because it's SO something I would do!