05 November 2009

Decisions Decisions

Woke up this morning with my mind racing. The Hubby and I have some decisions to make very soon. Our original date to leave Japan is December 2010, which is next year! (Yikes!)
And now we are receiving information in a crazy amount to look over. We have some options, which is good! I like options - it's better than having NO CHOICE, but that means the next step is to actually make a decision. I've tried not to take things so seriously, I've tried taking on the, whatever-happens-happens attitude. But, I have to be honest... 
I'm making my self sick over this. 
I also love how, as with everything military, they only provide information in military language. Someone should suggest they send out a spouse friendly package - one that explains what each of these options means, in plain English. [I'm sure I'll get grief for that statement, but heck - I'm not too proud to admit that I DO NOT understand what the military is saying most of the time.] 
So what do I do?! How do I get the information I need? 
I use the network of military spouses that are veterans in PSCing. I seek out their invaluable knowledge on all things military. I keep asking questions until I understand. Only when I understand completely can I make a decision.  
Here is what the Hubby and I have been talking about: 
  1.  Staying in Japan (extending 1 year) will allow me to finish my degree. 
  2. We want to try and stay overseas (either in the pacific or Europe). 
  3. Part of us is ready to move on (on to something different). 
  4. Going back to the states wouldn't be the worst thing. 
These thoughts look like we have an open mind and we are accepting of whatever happens. But these thoughts (because we are so open minded)  is making our decision  much harder. We really just need to make the decision and be done with it. 
But we continue - back & forth - back & forth.
What if we don't get an overseas assignment? What happens if we extend? Do we utilize our Base of Preference for first term airmen? Do we make a decision based on education? Based on how we feel? All these questions, it makes me dizzy
And to make matters worse. Once we think we have come up with an answer - Once we think we made our choice, we go back and re-think. Why? Well- its how him and I work. Is it efficient? Maybe not - but never the less, it is how we operate.  
What we do know -  Our time is winding down and a decision needs to be made. 
"To get anywhere, or even to live a long time, a man has to guess, and guess right, over and over again, without enough data for a logical answer. "
Robert Heinlein


  1. this may seem silly, but seriously, if you both are so open minded and can see benefits in any of your options... leave it to fate. Put each on a piece of paper and pull it out of a hat. You can either decide to stick with whatever you pull no matter what, or listen to your gut when you pull the lucky winner out. If you're disappointed at all, you know to cross that one off your list. Good luck!! I know y'all will make the right decision :)

  2. I'm sure those are hard decisions but just follow your heart or like Jessica said, leave it up to fate. Best of luck!

  3. I know it's easy to say but try not to make yourself sick over it. You both will figure it out and be in the right place. It'll come to you! Good luck!

  4. Thanks so much for the support! I think we made a decision- but I'm not going to let you in on it until the paper work is finalized, that way we won't change our minds.. hehe!