17 November 2009

Sarcastic Love.

First (& foremost): 
I just-freaking love that President Obama has been chastised in the media for his very formal and totally acceptable (!!) bow to the Emperor and Empress of Japan. I took a poll with  my students tonight and they all thought it was very respectful. It is not a sign of insubordination, it is a sign of cultural knowledge and personal choice. Protocol!? Goodness people (cough, cough-Fox News) - the man is considerate. 
[Plain & Simple.] 

I love that I can feel so accomplished during the day and get SO much done, but still (and probably always will) have more things to do. 

I love that my crappy lovely classmates neglect their school work until the very last seconds of the week. Thanks a bunch

I love that 4 people on my floor are moving and that the smell of cleaning supplies, paint, and new carpet is leaking into my apartment. 
Headaches: 3 Kate: 0 

I love that my Hubby got the new Call of Duty video game in the mail today. My living room is a war zone. I have a bit of shell shock. 

I love that I started a new diet (changing my eating habits) and I've never felt more starved. Oh and I love that because I'm on a diet - I'm craving sweets more-than-ever. 

I love how I live ((seriously)) a 5-minute-walk-away from the gym and I still don't get off my butt. That has-to-change

I love how there will always be people that rain on your parade

I love when I am ignored and avoided. 

Okay - Just had to get those little things out. 
I've ranted. I'm done. 
I promise I'll have happy-Kate back for ya' tomorrow!



  1. Hang in there, the sweets cravings will diminish. Sugar is like an addiction, the more you eat, the more you crave. So, just give it time! And then, I say indulge in something once a week or a small piece of something once a day. But, that's coming from the ultimate sweet tooth! :)

  2. Wow people seriously dogged on Obama for bowing??? Ugh some people must always find something to twist around.

    I hear you on the warzone part. My husband likes to play "Left for Dead" and so I hear zombie noises and gun fire for HOURS.

    I'm sorry that people are ignoring and avoiding you and that people are raining on your parade.

  3. Ah, MW2 hits. So glad I'm not having to live through that (yet).