02 November 2009

Right around the Corner...

You know what I'm talking about. It's on everyone's minds.... 
Some people don't think that we should talk about this before the Thanksgiving holidays...
I say - DO!!! 
It is creeping up on us! And, I know our wallets are a little lighter these days. Especially, after a vacation back to NY for 20 days...
We have been watching what we spend for a while now and there will be no exception for the holidays. Which includes our 2 year anniversary ( on Dec. 2nd).
So - I've been searching for low cost and budget friendly gifts for this season of giving. 
And a fellow Military Spouse and Mom-To-Three recently posted on Facebook a great idea. 
Here it is : 

"Just an idea for those who are tight on money this Holiday Season. 

For our children we only buy 4 gifts for them each: 

Something they want, something they need, something they wear and something they read. 

And then usually Santa will bring something extra- and usually a family gift too. 

Saves on $$ and keeps the "That child has more presents than the other one" comment away"

Isn't that a fantastic idea?? 
On top of this great idea (that I'm seriously considering implementing) - the Hubby and I have decided to keep our gifts to each other under $50 - total. No excuses. No exceptions. $50. 
Keeping all these money savers in mind, here are a few ideas to get your mind in gift giving mode. 

Have a coffee lover in your family?? 
Buy a Starbucks 'Create-Your-Own-Tumbler' and add a personal touch! 
I got one for a gift before my friend left Japan. Love it. Use it everyday. Very, very thoughtful gift! 
She included some of the things we have seen and done in Japan. 
[I think it is somewhere between $12-15 for the mug]

Do you have a fellow student you want to perk up with a  Christmas surprise? 
Buy some 50 cent notebooks and $3 worth of scrapbook paper and stickers (Maybe you already have some?) Oh don't forget some pretty ribbon to wrap them up together! 
[These are notebooks I made my Japanese Students!]
{it's a little dark, sorry}

Have a crossword lover for a neighbor? 
Barnes and Noble has this New York Times edition for under $13. 
But, I know that you can get books like this at Walmart and Dollar stores. Maybe   print them off the internet to make your own Crossword book. 
[[Wrap it with some newspaper and cute ribbon!!]] 

I came across these cuties not to long ago at mixitandstixit.com. 
They come in magnets or stickers. $4-5! A-Ma-Zing! 
Great for refrigerators, lockers, journals, scrapbooks.... 
[OR: grab your camera, go around town, and create a one-of-a-kind gift!] 

Maybe your sister is a purse lover? 
Etsy.com is LOADED with great purses... So I know it is hard to choose. 
I found this one by Charmdesign - On sale for $20 (Shipping $3)! OR: take a chance with the sewing machine you never use. I love the pillowcase purse! Easy is an understatement. Martha has the instructions for you here. 

So, happy shopping! And you lucky ducks living in the US - 
Puhh-retty please take advantage of all the sales!! 
Search for deals! And remember..  - it really is the thought that counts and not the price tag!


  1. Thanks for the gift-giving ideas...seeing we are planning our wedding this year..we are definitly going for a little thriftiness this year with our presents...your ideas were very creative!

  2. I love Christmas! Those are all great gifts. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi! I just found your blog.

    Those are some great idea. We are going to try to not over do the gift thing this year also.