28 November 2009

Deployments, TDYS, and Coming Home.

I've noticed many blogging-friends & real-world friends have had their loved ones come home from deployment recently.
Last year, that was me. The hubby was away for all of our "important" days.
The running list was:
  • His B-day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Our Anniversary
  • Christmas
  • New Years
  • My B-day
Geesh. It was one looooong holiday season last year..
Well I was inspired by Corkyshell & her blog post  -which was so funny and true.
One of the best/hardest part of the Hubby/Wifey coming home is the re-integration of co-living again.
Although, we are so excited for our loved ones to back in the comfort of our homes..
It is equally frustrating that our way-of-life-for-the-past-6-15-months is being disrupted - Yet again.
The dishes that were always clean, are now piled.
Your laudry??? Yeah it doubles!
The bed that you've sprawled out on now has you confined to just your side again.

Well I was introduced to this comic strip [Jenny Spouse.]
She has some funnnnnnnnny stuff! For real.

This one is my favorite:

This is Julie Negron, the author. She is fabulous. I'm by-no-means a veteran spouse - but she is & she has found a creative way to reach all spouses and the unique life we live. Please check her out.
[[That is if you haven't discovered her already...]]



  1. Glad you guys are able to be together this year!

  2. I LOVE Jenny the Military Spouse. I've been subscribing to her blog and comics for several years.