22 November 2009

A little Beyonce...

never hurt anyone.  

I'm more than a little bit in love with this song: 

Sweet Dreams

"My guilty pleasure I ain't goin no where
Baby long as you're here
I'll be floating on air cause you're my
You can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare
Either way I, don't wanna wake up from you"

Um- I was seriously swinging my hips and bobbin' my head to this one in Forever21 in Harajuku. No.Joke. 
T - was a witness. 
Embarassing? NO WAY! 
Good song? YES WAY!
Oh and then I danced to this while I was doing chores yesterday. Love.it.so.much.

 "Somebody pinch me, your love's too good to be true" 

[Dear Beyonce, Thank you for this song. I love it. I dance to it. Sometimes I think you are reading my mind. I know that is slightly creepy. Hope you don't mind. Nothing but love - Kate.]

[[Oh & Beyonce... BTW: I'm also in love with Halo, Diva, Smash in to Me, and anything you did in Destiny's  Child. Again, nothing.but.love.-Kate]]



  1. I too love Beyonce. I too was dancin it up in Forever 21. LOL

  2. I love the song and I love for Forever 21!!!!