19 November 2009


[familjen. kazoku. familia. rodzina. famille. pamilya.]

Every so often a {wave} of homesickness comes over me.
Who could blame me? 10,000 miles away from family...
In addition: this is my first holiday season away from my family. And although I'm very excited to spend it with the Hubby - I can't help to feel a little sad that I'll be missing the festivities back in NY.
[[Winter isn't my favorite season, but NY during the holidays just makes sense to me.]]
(Yes, I tolerate the snow for about two weeks- after New Years I go back to my snow-loathing self)

Anyway: I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce my family.

Meet Mom:
She can be found here and here.
I call her just about everyday (thank you USAF for that!).
Two words sum her up: Unconditional Love (she oozes it, yes oozes-it!)

Meet Bryan:
The most motivated person I know.
Driven & Determined.
((Oh Oh - He is wicked funny too!))

Meet Michael:
The baby of the family.
Has a huge, HUGE heart & kind soul.
He has a contagious smile. He rarely shows it, but when he does it warms your heart.

My family, like many, have been through some tough times and just plain discouraging things. 
But - the love my parents gave us as children is the glue that holds us all together.
We use humor - which we can find in [ANYTHING].
((You get the three of us together and we will be laughing about something))

We give support - which is endless.
We just love each other.
There is no conditions about our flaws, mistakes, or screw-ups.
We just talk. laugh. and love.
It really is that simple isn't it? 


Now - Now - I may be misleading you a little bit, because there have been times when the advice I give my brothers is received by nothing more than... click.
BUT: grudges don't last long because our bond as siblings is stronger.
Also - to my Mother's annoyance, we have a special communication between the three of us.

Recently - we have a new focus:
To be relentlessly protective of our Mother. Not because she is fragile, but because she is all ours.
But whether we are joking around - yelling over the phone - wrestling each other to the floor - punching someone in the arm - or giving a much needed hug..
the important thing is:
[there is always the underlying factor of, love.]

-My brothers are going to think this post is a bit ridiculous-
-maybe a little too mushy-
Miss you two.
Love you Mom.



  1. Awww what a great post. :) I've been very very homesick too girl. The other night I was staring at the tv channel that shows the hops schedule. Ofc there's nothing going out of Yokota, only Okinawa, but a girl can still dream. I miss my family like crazy too. Ofc the holidays will do that to ya. Anywho, I'm blabbing too much. Great post hon. :)

  2. That was very cute post! Hope you have a great holiday season and don't miss the family too much.

  3. Aww I know how you feel. Granted I'm 1100 miles away from my family and not 10,000 but when it comes down to it, what's the difference right? We'll still be apart. I'm trying to look at the bright side. Trey and I have never spent a holiday by ourselves and this may be our one and only chance at that. So if we want to stay in sweats and watch amazing Christmas movies all day, we can do that.
    I love to see families that are so close. I am extremely close to my family (my dad texts me every night to tell me he loves me.. yes.. he's a big texter). I'm pretty inspired to do a big ol' family post of my own soon!

  4. How sweet! I know just how you feel. Now I want to do a family post!! I'll work on that ;)

  5. Aww! love your blog ;0 Thanks for coming by mine! you are adorable!

  6. Aw, too cute! I'm thinking I might need the hook up with one of them!! Haha