18 November 2009

Real Love.

Yesterday: Sarcastic & Cynical 
Today: Lovey-Dovey. 

I love my students. I can have a busy/crazy day and they make it all better. 
& I don't think I will ever find the right words to express that to them. 
[In Japanese or English]

I love that I have a stateside number, that way I can call my people (yes - I have people!!) whenever I want. 

I love that I don't have to pay for college this year. Now- next year might be a different story - but lets just bathe in the present awesomeness of now

I love that the Hubby with.out.fail. will kiss me goodbye - even before PT when he will be back to shower in about 30 minutes. Love you.

I love when my Mom just knows when something is off - just by the tone of my voice. Even across 10,000 miles her intuition is [spot.on.]

I love that I have a flexible job as a sub so when I need to get school work done I know I can make time to do it. 

And last: I love that I am absolutely in the spirit of Christmas this year. Not the stressful shopping for everyone. Not the giving - giving - giving part. Not the list making- the crazy baking- the envelope licking- the bow tying. 
It is the {love} & [togetherness] this year.
  Last year the Hubby was deployed over the holidays.    
Year one: He was in Japan waiting for me. 
Year two: He was enjoying Christmas in the desert. 

(this is last years lonely Christmas picture I sent to the Hubby)
(( and yes.. I had to use a self timer - pah-thetic))
This year: We will be enjoying Christmas with our military family. And we will be celebrating our first official christmas together. 



  1. Picture me saying this next statement in full temper tantrum mode.. ie.. stomping, pumping my fists, tears, and whining.. I really want to enjoy Christmas just for Christmas! I hate that I stress out over EVERY LITTLE THING. Too many demands. But I am thankful I get to spend it with my husband and will be in my parents house!

    I think the pic of you is adorable and not at all pathetic! I'm sure he loved it :)

  2. I'm in a Christmas mood, too. I think I'll be able to appreciate this Christmas more than any other. And yes, that pic of you is very cute. :)

  3. Yay! I'm glad you'll get to be together for Christmas!

  4. I am also looking very much forward to just being able to spend Christmas with my husband. That pic of you is very cute!