18 January 2010

Basement Affair

I am happily typing to all of you from......the comfort of my own home!
Internet is up and running! Which means - I will be able to catch up on all of your posts (finally!)!
Sorry for the lack of comments, I promise to make it up to you!

SO - my last post shared  my new addiction to reality TV.
And a couple people have asked me about Basement Affair.. well here is the low-down on this show:

Frank (The Entertainer) was a reject from I Love New York & 2x loser of I Love Money - Yikes! 
Anywho - Frank (or is it The Entertainer) still lives with Ma & Pa - and is a lazy mama's boy lookin' for love. So he invites these women into his parent's home to win the "key to his basement"
(cheezy -with a z!)
Oh - BTW: he lives at home because he is flat-out broke..... and the only way VH1 was going to give him his own show - was under the condition that it all be filmed @ his parent's house in NYC... Brooklyn maybe?! [And - yes they have accents and say things like twalk/dwag/harrrible/cwoffee]
These women are characters... just watch...you'll see what I mean.
This show is like a car accident - you can't seem to take your eyes off it..

They also have a blog that recaps all the stuff & you can watch old episodes on VH1... but I think there are 13 out of the 15 original girls... so you lucky people still have a majority of the season to catch up! (hope you sense my sarcasm...)

Now I leave you with the Mama's Boy - himself:
The Entertainer

(yes, that is his Mama)


  1. Sometimes, nothing hits the spot quite like trashy reality tv :)

  2. It's so stupid but yet I have to watch it every Sunday. My sister usually comes over on sunday evenings so the two of us can always out number the boys. (My husband and the dog)

  3. I do know what Basement Affair is. I actually caught a bit of an episode one day, but I didn't know what it was called. It is trashy reality television at it's best!

  4. Thank goodness! I am not the only one who finds this show HILARIOUS! When he was on I love NY and they talked about him living at home I was like NO WAY and then he REALLY does!