03 January 2010

Be Authentic.

My goal for 2010 is to embrace [Me for Me.]

It is my belief, that society holds certain expectations.
And it is true that I hold certain expectations for myself. 
Is it society or myself that believes that you must appear to have everything together?
Is it me or society that believes that imperfections means failure which means inadequacy?

The truth is - it doesn't matter. 

I (like so many others) have told myself, "You are not good enough" or "What will people think?".
I (like so many others) have hid personal struggles and imperfections.
I (like so many others) have created a life for myself that is full of shame.
I (like so many others) have felt shame about the very things that make me real:
[my size, my shape, my financial situation, how I spend my day, my education]
I have sheltered myself from judgment, criticism, and shame from others. 
It is debilitating and unhealthy to be like this.
I don't have the innate quality of , "Who cares" or "Be who you are".
The experiences in my life have lead me to be very vulnerable and protective woman.

The air surrounding this young, new decade and brand new year, has been charged with change.
Feeling powerless, vulnerable, and shameful is no longer acceptable.
I want to be confident in the person I am.
I want to:
address my struggles.
embrace my flaws.
recognize my uniqueness.
love myself.

I want to welcome love, laughter, gratitude, and joy in my life.
It is not a resolution. It is a goal. A very important life goal. And an achievement I would like to see during this decade.

Mantra: [Me for Me].


  1. I like this post! I think it's great! I think everyone should be their own cheerleader. It doesn't matter at all what others think, it's about what YOU think!

  2. I love this Kate!! Verry inspirational.. more than you know! I so badly need to work on the same thing but don't even know where to begin.

  3. I love this post. I'm going to try harder to be a better me this year also.