23 January 2010

A Small Victory

I measure my life in terms of victories. Some are massive victories and some are tiny ones.
I substitute my "small victories" for "one step at a time"

One source of frustration was this closet:

[I can't believe I'm even showing ya'll this]
This is our front hall closet. It was a catch-all for shoes, purses, decorations, scrapbooking stuff and just CRAP.
(do you see the christmas wrapping paper smushed in the corner?!)

I dreamed of buying matching baskets and organizing everything into pretty coordinated and catagorized places. But lets get real, I don't have money to waste on that & I knew I could repurpose what I had to make this closet welcoming (again).

So - it took about 2 days to sift through all this.
I took my time.
I got rid of 5 bags of purses & shoes!
( I'm dropping them off at the Airman's Attic this week! Woo Hoo!)
[After my b-day celebrations of course!]
Now this closet looks like this:

I even found all my stuff for Valentine's decorating!
That way I can do fun projects like this:

close up:

[Can you spot the "K" and "J" - they are my favorite!]

Have a wonderfully-relaxing weekend!!!


  1. Can I just say how jealous I am that you have a closet? We have a 3 bedroom house, but one room has to be the closet since there are 0 in the entire house. In fact, the only built in storage are the cabinets in the kitchen. Boo!

  2. Let me just say, you have the cutest holiday decorating and just basic decorating in your house. I am so jealous! That closet is beautiful. Come to N.C. and do my closets for me! Have a great Birthday celebration!

  3. The tree is super cute! I bet it feels great to get rid of some clutter. Clutter kinda gives me anxiety.