07 January 2010


Before I dive into my pigeon story...
I want to say thanks for the comments about my bedroom. But- let me clarify -the state of our bedroom is not an accurate representation for the rest of the apartment. Specifically speaking of our spare bedroom, which is otherwise known as the dumping-grounds for anything sport related, military related, or non-Kate related. It doubles as our guest room (when we have them) and then, and only then, do we have order. But once our guests leave - craziness is restored.

You are all very sweet, but I am in NO WAY an organized-neat-freak. I simply apply rules for the bedroom, so that we have at least one room in our limited-space housing to relax.

Now that I've cleared that up...
[I may or may have not been feeling guilty about possibly misleading everyone into thinking I am organized]

Today I witnessed the single most animal-related sadness EVER! I ride my bike to work daily and on the way home today it was really windy. Windy, as in, it took me twice as long to get home due to the wind-resistance [needless to say I skipped the gym]. As I'm pushing my bike carrying my large load of excess baggage on my hips and thighs [thank you holiday season]- I see this pigeon.
Note: Living near a large city - pigeons are the equivalent of rats and cockroaches (in my opinion, of course).

It was laying on the ground, wing crooked back in an awkward position, just going in circles on the ground. It looked so helpless and sad. Was it hit by a car? Did it fly into a car? Could it not move out of the way fast enough?
I don't know the specifics - but tears came to my eyes as I struggled to pedal faster (against the damn wind). I thought for a minute half a second about helping the poor fella. But, really - what could I have done? Carried him back to my apartment and mend his broken wing?
Um no.
I started to cry knowing that there was little I could do to ease his pain and help him out. Later this afternoon I went back to see if he was still there and I found him 20 feet from where he was.
I don't know why, but I was devastated. I was so saddened by this little-plump pigeon.
Are my opinions of these winged-rodents changed?
Not really... they still poop on my car and wait until the very last OMG-I'm-going-to-kill-a-pigeon moment to get out of the way of my vehicle. But - It did make me think twice before cursing at them.
And: I had to get this out. I was feeling more-than-a-little guilty about leaving an animal like that. 
From now on: 
Instead of verbally voicing my opinions - I'm going to silently will them move outta my way! 

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  1. One time I was driving out in the middle of no where and I hate a squirrel. I was devastated. I love them and it bothered me for days! I know how you feel seeing the pigeon, even if you're not big fans of them.