22 January 2010

Birthday Weekend!

Okay - so technically my birthday is Tuesday the 26th.
(mid-week b-day = lame)
I decided to extend my celebrations to include the weekend! 

SO I am going to be a little preoccupied with this thing called celebrating! And because I will not be in blog-land (I will be in b-day-land) I will not be posting. (I have scheduled a couple, so dry your tears). But just for ya'll, who, I'm sure, are just dying to know what we will be up to...
Here you are: 

Saturday: Going to see New Moon on base (finally..).
Saturday night: To be determined, but I see myself at a little karaoke bar.
Sunday: The Hubby and I leave for The New Sanno hotel. (it will feel so good to get off base).
We will -hang around in Tokyo -definitely relax and order some room service. Sa-weet!
Monday: Tokyo - Tokyo - Tokyo. Might even get on this Ferris Wheel:

Which will undoubtedly give us an incredible view of one of the best city sky-lines, ever!

Tuesday: Is my ACTUAL b-day. And we will be returning back to base, because I have to teach that night. My students are planning a little party & karaoke after with some of my younger students! Woo Hoo! 

TOO FUN!  (am I spoiled -  or what?!)
I am definitely excited to spend some good quality time with The Hubby. It seems that work and school and teaching and exhaustion and chores take over our lives and leave us with very little time and energy to just chill-ax.
We are ready to do NOTHING. (Besides ride on that amazing Ferris Wheel).

Happy Weekend-ing!


  1. Have a great birthday weekend!

  2. Aww happy birthday hun! Hope Ya'll have a good time in TOYKO! Can't wait to see pictures! :)

  3. Happy Birthday weekend!

  4. Happy Birthday early! I hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating!

  5. Hope you have a great Birthday weekend!

  6. Have a great birthday Kate! It sounds like it is going to be so much fun!

  7. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a great weekend, have the best time!

  8. wow happy bday weekend im a little late though lol