17 January 2010

From the Library...


The internet is still out of commission, but I've caught up on all of the VH1/MTV reality shows (shameful, I know). How did I function before without all the drama of Teen Mom, Basement Affair, Taking the Stage, or Tough Love?!
I can't believe I'm admitting to all ya'll that I actually take time out of my (very busy) life to actually watch these. It is so shameful. But I cannot be the only one - I just know it can't just be me!!

Or how about the mess-of-a-show Jersey Shore?!

I've also fallin in love with Dog Whisperer. Seriously. He is ah-mazing - it is preparing us for when we can finally get our dog(s).

Moving on...
On Today's menu (late afternoon lunch) is a very simple and delish soup.
I got it out of a magazine (don't ask me which one... a cooking one!) a while ago. It is YUMMY!
I forgot the name/title of this soup so
Here it is - the...

2 - 14 oz. cans of Chicken or Veggie Broth
1 package of Tortellini
1/2 8 oz Cream Cheese Spread - Chive & Onion (softened)
1 - 10/11 oz can of Tomato Soup

First bring the broth to a boil. Then add the tortellini and reduce heat. Take about 1/3 cup of the hot broth and add it to the Cream Cheese Spread. Mix together until smooth. Then add that mixture & the tomato soup to the pan with the tortellini and broth. Keep on low heat until tortellini are cooked and the whole soup is warmed.

Total time = under 30 minutes.

I like to eat mine with some plain tortilla chips. It is SUPER yummy!
You could even add some fresh-chopped chives on the top!

Okay - So I'm off to eat this yummy goodness.
Happy Weekend-ing!


  1. Oh my! That soup sounds delicious. I wrote down the recipe and I think I'll have to try it this week!

    And reality television...it's my secret addiction, too.

  2. That soup sounds really good! I will definitely have to cook that sometime very soon! We are moving to upstate NY afterall! :) I don't think I ever got back to you about that, either. Hubs got a civilian job on Ft. Drum.

  3. I watching the reality garbage too. I don't watch Jersy Shores but I watch the Real World and Basement Affair. My husband hates it.

  4. What is Basement Affair? Do tell!