25 January 2010

Not me: Ferris Wheel edition.

I definitely was not excited to ride this & I definitely did not take 100 pictures of it.

The Hubby was not nervous to go on it
And I did not tell him to suck it up.

I did not almost jump for joy when we got in a pink basket.

We did not laugh and giggle at the top.

We absolutely did not love the view at the tippy-top.

We did not freak out when there was a little bump in the ride.
We did not quickly get over it & resume our photo op.

It was not the best day.
And the Hubby did not face his fears.
And I definitely did not have a smile planted on my face the whole time.


  1. Looks fun. Hope you had a great birthday weekend.

  2. That looks awesome!!!!! Looks like you had a great time!

  3. Happy Birthday! Love your blog! I love finding other Military wives!