02 January 2010

Bragging Rights.

I am a self proclaimed bargain shopper.
I love looking for good deals & feel accomplished when I score low prices.

My last three purchases are the best in a LONG time and I just wanted to share.
Partly (mostly) to show off...
But also to encourage all my readers to be patient.
At the BX I had my eye on a Martha Stewart Quilt set.
This one to be exact: 

MSRP value: $250.
Military price: $140
Clearance price: $104

I LOVE it, but for $104?!? Are you crazy?! So... I went over to the price check, just to be sure that it was in fact $104...
I scanned the bar code and the little screen said $34! I scanned two more times... just to be sure.
Then I was like..there is no way that this quilt is only $34...
So I walked right up to customer service and I asked the nice lady:
Q: "This quilt is ringing up for $34 & before I get all excited, I would like to verify the price"
A: "Yes, it is $34"
(I may or may not have done a little dance)

So my bedroom got a little shot of color.

My other two finds were a grey denim skirt $6.
And dark denim boot cut - DKNY jeans $7.

Oh how I love good deals!


  1. Sweet!!! I love bargain shopping too.

  2. Wow! That is an amazing deal! Can't pass that up!

  3. That's awesome!!!!! That's such a great deal...I'm not gonna lie...I'm totally jealous!