28 January 2010

Yuzu & Honey Tea

My friend, Misa, brought by a very thoughtful birthday gift!
(I promise this isn't a birthday post!)
[this is her w/ her boyfriend (too cute!)]

  Not to long ago I posted about a Japanese custom.
It was about how I bathed in yuzu.
Do you remember? No?
[Its okay, you can read all about it here.]
 I've also posted about my love for tea. [& that can be found here.]

 I knew that she read my blog
(and that makes me want to translate everything in Japanese for my Japanese friends..)
& it totally surprised me when she remembered my posts and brought an incredibly thoughtful gift!
Yuzu & Honey Tea! 
This type of tea is a marmalade-like gel.
You spoon out 1 or 2 spoon fulls and add it to some boiling or cold water.

It has TONS of Vitamin C!
[Which is perfect for this mid-winter-germ-infested season.]
[And even more so for the germ-infested students I work with at the Middle School]
I believe it can be found at any Asian market or international aisle @ the supermarket. 
It truly is delicious.

This post is to send Misa a HUGE thank-you!
(You are keeping me healthy!)

 Make sure ya'll are getting your Vita-C.
It seems the flu is making its way around the world.
(Seeing as everyone on my Facebook has some sort of sickness...)

Stay Healthy & Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Mmmm I read the yuzu blog -- I wonder if it's safe for me to soak in while pregnant?! And the tea I may try that too :) Thanks for the info hun!

  2. Oooh, honey tea sounds wonderful! I'll have to look for it.