06 January 2010


Our bedroom is a place for the Hubby and I to unwind. Our days are usually crazy and if I walked into a room full of craziness... I might actually go [crazy].

So here is the updated slice of heaven:

And here is where we started:

[yes. an air-matress]

 [This was the pain-in-the-arse comforter cover that made me want to throw it away every time I made the bed]
*Clearly the Hubby made the bed this day...
I think this is when I was in NY and I asked him to take pictures of the apartment for people. 


I'm in love with mis-matched stuff. I have blacks with browns. Furry with quilted.
I have a random lime green pillow that physically abuses you with it's feathers every time you get on the bed...
I have our dream board right on the wall next to the bed. It has stuff like PSC to Europe, save money, get all A's in classes. Graduate.
Oh and the sun-faded rug that I've had since my freshman year of college.
Still love it.
And now with my new addition of a colorful quilt I have mis-matched bedding.
Damask with beach-y cottage quilt. Hmm..
So here it is again:
[I'm a bit in love with it - as if you couldn't tell]

[Can you spot our dream catcher? My Mom bought it for me!]

I think that quilt (which was a fraction of its original cost) is just what I needed. 
It is a breath of fresh-colorful air. 


  1. Very pretty! I love the colors.

  2. Very calming and peaceful.. i love it! It made me sleepy.

  3. I think it looks great!! I love the dream board!

  4. Looks beautiful! Very relaxing and calm.

  5. Very nice! I need you to come decorate my room!